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By-Laws of ISNP Boosters, Inc.

I – Name
II - Purpose & Mission
III – Membership
IV - Executive Board
V - Officers and Their Election
VI - Duties of Officers
VII – Resignations
VIII - Authority
IX - Financial Polices
X - Private Benefit
XI – Amendments
XII - Dissolution


Section 1.01.Name.The name of this organization is ISNP Boosters, Inc., hereafter referred
to as the “Booster Club”.

Purpose and mission

Section 2.01. Purpose.
The Booster Club is organized and operated for the charitable and
educational purposes of supporting ISNP Upper Campus.
Section 2.02 Mission. The Booster Club mission is to promote community and parental
involvement to enhance the ISNP student experience. The Booster Club
supports the entire student body to include clubs, organizations and
athletic teams.


3.01. Qualification. All parents, guardians or other persons with a child enrolled and
attending Imagine School at North Port and members of the staff shall be considered for membership of the organization. The Principal, Assistant Principals and Athletic Director shall be non-voting, advisory members of the organization.
Section 3.02. Dues. Annual dues shall be established by the Executive Board. Once dues are paid, the member will be a voting member of the organization. Dues will not be pro-rated for less than a year of membership. Membership shall run for a 12 month period following the fiscal calendar of July 1-June 30.
Section 3.03. Rights and Responsibilities.
The members shall have the right and responsibility to attend meetings and events sponsored by the organization, serve on committees and be nominated and elected to office. Voting members shall have the right to vote for the officers, review and approve the annual budget and approve amendments to these bylaws.
Section 3.04. Meetings. There shall be at least one general membership meeting in April at which
the officers are elected. Such additional business or special meetings may be held alone or in conjunction with an event sponsored by the organization as is determined by the Executive Board. Visitors are welcome to attend general membership meetings but may not exercise the right to vote.

Executive Board

4.01.Membership. The Executive Board shall consist of the elected officers of the organization.
Section 4.02.Authority. The affairs, activities and operation of the organization shall be managed by the Executive Board. The Executive Board shall transact necessary business during the intervals between
the meetings of the membership and such other business as may be referred to it by the membership or these bylaws. It may create Standing and Special Committees,approve the plans and work of standing
and special committees,prepare and submit a budget to the membership for approval,and,in general,conduct the business and activities of the organization.
Section 4.03. Meetings. The Executive Board shall meet monthly, or as needed,to conduct the affairs of the organization.
Section 4.04. Quorum.quorum of the Executive Board for the conduct of business shall consist of at least three(3)officers.
Section 4.05. Participation in Meeting by Conference Telephone/Email.
Members of the Board may participate in a 
meeting through use of conference telephone or similar communications equipment,so long as members participating in such meeting can hear one another or read all e-mail correspondence.
Section 4.06. Reimbursement.ExecutiveBoardmembersshallservewithoutcompensationwith the exception that expenses incurred in the furtherance of the organization’s business are allowed to be reimbursed with documentation in accordance with the organization’s financial policies, and prior approval.

Officers and Their Elections

5.01. Officers. The Executive Board officers of the Booster Club shall include one President, one or more Vice Presidents, a Secretary, a Treasurer and a Marketing Coordinator.
Section 5.02. Term.
Officers shall serve a two-year term, or until their successor is either elected or appointed, to begin at the start of the fiscal year, July 1. Officers may be elected to succeed themselves.
Section 5.03. Election. The Booster Club shall begin seeking nominees for the open officer positions in March. Nominees must be voting members of the Booster Club. Written and verbal nominations should be given to the Vice President and shall be accepted March 1 through 25, after which, no more nominations will be accepted.
Nominees for the position of President must be not only voting members, but also members that have held an Executive Board position within the last three years or have been an active member of the Booster Club.
Officers shall be elected at the April meeting by the majority of those members present and voting.
If there is more than one person running for an office, a ballot vote shall be taken.
Section 5.04. Vacancies. In the event that the President position becomes vacant for any reason, the Vice President will assume the role of President for the unexpired term. A vacancy occurring in any other office shall be filled for the unexpired term by a person elected by a majority vote of the remaining members of the Executive Board.

Duties of Officers

6.01. President. The President shall preside at all meetings . The President shall represent the Booster Club as necessary and prudent and shall have general management of the business of the Booster Club and see that all order and resolutions are carried into effect. The President shall appoint the chairpersons of all Standing and Special Committees with the approval of the Board present and voting at the meeting and shall be an adviser member of all committees of the organization except the Nominating committee.
Section 6.02. Vice-President(s).
The Vice-President shall, in the absence of the President, perform the duties of the President. The Vice-President shall be the point officer for all fundraising committees and bring any vendor decision to the Executive Board for a vote. The Vice-President shall oversee personal memberships, including managing spreadsheets, updating member information and submitting completed form to the Secretary for
documentation. The Vice President shall also chair the Nominating committee.
Section 6.03. Secretary.
The Secretary shall keep the minutes of all meetings, shall be responsible for the publishing of meeting minutes, shall coordinate correspondence from the Booster Club and, in general, perform all duties incident to the office of Secretary and such other duties as may be assigned by the President or the Executive Board.
Section 6.04. Treasurer.
The Treasurer is the authorized custodian to have oversight of all funds in accordance with the Booster Club’s financial policies. The Treasurer will organize, document, and record all financial activities. The Treasurer will be diligent and conscientious in ensuring all funds are received and spent in accordance with the organization’s tax-exempt purpose, bylaws and budget. The financial records belong to the Booster Club and must be available to the other officers and members upon request.
The Treasurer shall:
Prepare an annual budget for review and approval by the members.
Ensure that all funds are timely deposited in the organization’s authorized bank account(s).
Ensure that payments and disbursements are authorized by approved budget, or an amendment to the budget.
Present a written financial report (including income and expenditures), at each General Membership and the Executive Board meeting and at other times as requested by the Executive Board.
See that an annual financial review or audit, as appropriate based on budget size, is conducted and presented to the Executive Board, General Membership, and other stakeholders.
Maintain financial records (including financial reports, checkbook, bank statements, deposit slips, cash tally sheets, documentation regarding transactions, IRS Form 990 documents, etc.).
Prepare and file all necessary/required IRS tax forms and returns.
Provide cash for spirit store/game admissions.
Section 6.05. Marketing Coordinator. The Marketing Coordinator shall market annual corporate sponsors and maintain a log of corporate sponsors and their levels of support. The Marketing Coordinator is responsible for obtaining incentive items for corporate sponsors and follow up with delivery of said items. Marketing Coordinator shall manage all incoming funds from corporate sponsors and turn into Treasurer.


7.01. Resignation.

Any Executive Board member wishing to resign from their position may do so by submitting a notice in writing to the President or Secretary.


8.01. Affiliation. The Booster Club shall be a chapter of Parent Booster USA and all measures adopted by that body must be considered by this organization.
Section 8.02.Organization.
The Booster Club shall operate under 501(c) (3) of the Federal Revenue code (or corresponding section of any future tax code) as a non-profit educational supporting organization.
Section 8.03. Parliamentarian Authority.
The rules contained in the current edition of Roberts Rules of Order, Newly Revised shall govern the proceedings of this association in all cases to which they are applicable and in which they are not
inconsistent with the Bylaws of the Booster Club.

Financial Polices

All income of the organization must be placed in the Booster Club bank account. All expenditures will be based on the approved budget or items voted on by the Executive Board. Any surplus funds may be
spent by the Executive Board at their discretion by majority vote; however the carry over should remain in the Booster Club account from year to year.
Any person ordering or purchasing items for the Booster Club without prior approval will be personally responsible for payment of said items. The only exception to this is purchases of $50 or less may be
made on a limited basis by any Executive Board member for items required for Booster Club operations as long as funds are available. Receipts for reimbursement of purchases must be turned in to the Treasurer with written explanation as needed.
All Booster Club invoices must be reviewed monthly at the meeting by the executive board. The Treasurer will then process for payment. Once the Treasurer has processed payment on an invoice it will be marked
as paid.  When corporate sponsorship funds are received they must be deposited in a timely manner. The Marketing Coordinator will mark the corporate sponsor forms with payment received, log, and file. If the
Treasurer is not available the Marketing Coordinator will make the deposits as needed.
Funds raised by specific teams, clubs or other organizations, although deposited in the Booster Club account, shall be separately tracked as “encumbered funds” for each group. Expenditures from these
encumbered funds do not require Executive Board approval but are expended on behalf of these groups at the discretion of the head coach or organization sponsor. These funds are never to be utilized
for Booster Club expenses. The Booster Club is never to seek financing for any items. No items
should ever be purchased or ordered without the funds to pay for them.
Cash/check tally form has been developed for recording cash/check receipt of all Booster Club funds. Funds received should always be counted by two individuals, at least one being a member of the Executive Board, on the day the funds are collected and at the site where the funds are collected. The cash/check tally form must be filled out accordingly, listing all the checks individually and cash received by denomination. A valid receipt is to be provided for each cash transaction from a bound receipt book with one copy going to the payer and the other kept in the bound receipt book with the exception of concession stand items which do not require a receipt to be given.
All checks received must be noted with the telephone number, name and grade of the student. The cash/check tally form must be signed and dated by the two people who counted the funds. All money received from fundraising events should be deposited once the counts have been completed. Funds received from the spirit store on school campus shall be reconciled daily with the cash/check tally form and dated with two signatures. Deposits must be made after the funds have been counted. If the Treasurer is not present at any given cash count she/he is to be contacted and advised that a deposit is ready for pick up or drop off. If the Treasurer is not available another Executive Officer may take the funds to be deposited. The deposit receipt must be attached to the tally form. The officer making the deposit must sign and mark the tally form as deposited. All checks must be photocopied before the deposit is made. The cash/check tally forms must be reviewed by the Treasurer weekly to verify all deposits, and then the forms must be filed in the Booster Club filing cabinet with the deposit receipt attached.

Private Benefit

No part of the net earnings of the Booster Club shall inure to the benefit of or be distributed to any director, employee or other individual, partnership, estate, trust or corporation having a personal or private interest in the corporation. Compensation for services actually rendered and reimbursement for expenses actually
incurred in attending to the affairs of the Booster Club shall be limited to reasonable amounts. No substantial amount of the activities of the Booster Club shall be the carrying on of propaganda, or otherwise attempting to influence legislation and the Booster Club shall not intervene in (including the publishing or distributing of statements) any political campaign of behalf or in opposition to any candidate for public office. Notwithstanding any other provision of these Articles or of any By-laws adopted there under, this Booster Club shall not take any action not permitted by laws which then apply to this Booster Club.


11.01. Amendments. Bylaws may be amended by a majority vote of all members present and voting provided that at least thirty (30) days’ notice of the proposed amendments has been made to the membership. The amended Bylaws must be revised by the next meeting and distributed to the officers. No amendment to this Bylaw shall be required to correct spelling, grammar and subsequent modifications of numerical sequences regarding articles, sections or sub-sections.


12.01. Dissolution. 
The Booster Club may be dissolved in writing and signed by the entire
Board. Upon dissolution or liquidation of all of its assets, principal and interest, subject to the payment of debt, shall be distributed to Imagine School at North Port, Inc. exclusively for charitable and educational purposes within the meaning of the 501( c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code and in accordance with all
government regulations. No member of the Board or any private individual shall be entitled to share in the distribution.